FFF - Iowa Youth Military Programs


Celebrate with Us

Join the festivities in two ways,

If you just want to participate this year,


Camp Dodge, Pool Pavilion, 7105 NW 70th Ave, Johnston, IA 50131


Who's Invited

Families connected to all branches of the Military, to include retired and Soldiers of the Fallen.

Help, I can't find where this is located?!?

Take a deep breathe. You are not the first one. Give us a call and we can help you find your way.

We are on Camp Dodge, at the Pool Pavilion. Follow the small arrows on the side of the road.

7105 NW 70th AVE, Jonhston, IA

Do I need to dress up as the theme?

We thrive to be inclusive, so if you don’t have a costume to go along with the theme, wear a family friendly costume of your choice!

When should volunteers arrive?

If you are setting up – 1:00pm

If you are tearing down – 3:45pm

When should trunks arrive?

Do trunks need to bring their own candy?

While we encourage you to bring your own favorite pieces we usually have some on hand. Keep in mind this isn’t guaranteed.

Can I donate candy?

While we are not asking you to, the Warrior and Family Service Branch always appreciates the support. Contact us if you would like to help support.